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I'm happy to continue proofreading but I don't know if they should be considered to be done if it's just me going through them. There always seems to be things that only 1st Anon or only me find so it'd be better if 1st Anon take a look before it's "officially" done. There might be the problem of building up a backlog while 1st Anon is away, though. In my opinion, a mb scanlation is a bit large for that, unless there are some major quality issues at lower sizes.

But it ultimately doesn't matter, what matters is that it gets translated.

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I'll happily take the mb version. Apologies if my suggestions betray that I don't speak french, since I don't. I don't know for sure what is the grammatically correct way here, I could be wrong. Also the 2nd bubble has two "blah"s, instead of three. Is this an error?

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The guy is supposed to be a muslim immigrant oh, wow. Considering that the church wants to kill them, I find that strange. I don't suppose there is an alternate translation for "bon sang", or does that exclamation have ties to the church in french as well? This might be just me, but I didn't knew the word "fey" as an alternative to fairy. Could "Fairyland" be a better alternative to "the fey lands", or is it just me? And man, there are a lot of typos. Too much time on the chans probably made me reliant on spellcheck. Il can be "he" but in this case it's "it," and the verb should be "seems" not "said.

She does say "bon dieu" later in this book. It comment about sterility and impotence makes it look like a "love doctor" joke I just didn't understand the first time reading it. Melusine basically just gets up and walks away. She recognizes that something happens, and it leads into the fireworks. Maybe "what happens outside? I'll can change it if you think people won't recognize it. I think "lies" or keeping as "plans" works better. It's just advertising stuff.

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I'll include it in the final cbr. Not sure it translates. Raaaa, I want to help but I don't want to be spoiled. What are the pages with the cakes? Does "fortiche" mean "smart"? I looked it up and most translations give it a sarcastic tone, like hotshot or smart aleck or something like that. I'd go with hotshot simply because it would describe Melusine in more ways than just calling her smart, but that may not be an accurate translation. Yeah, the thing the kid says about his dad is all like a big advertisement.

Mélusine, Tome 13 : Superstitions

In under 24 hours! Or you get your money back! Yeah, on second thought I don't know which one is the one to use here. I'd look it up or ask for someone else to chime in. I think it's just me not being erudite enough. Others might recognize the word.

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But I do think that Fairyland sounds like a place that readers might be more familiar with. I think "plan" would suggest that there is something more to what they were doing, when in reality they were just pulling a ruse. But yea, "ploy" might be too strong too. I don't know about the cupcakes. I finished my proofread of volume The word does appear in English dictionaries although I wouldn't expect the average reader to know it. Maybe "sage" would work, although it does lose the African denotation that marabout has. Volume 09 to proof read. Turns out I do have internet the next 2 weeks after all.

Assuming it's the same as 24, I'll probably be done around monday. Give or take a day. I'll most likely have it done by the end of the week. Breaks are important, don't burn yourself out. Enjoy your time off in any case. Regarding Mathys dad, he seems to be a voodoo priest so "houngan" ought to be the correct choise.

Melusine 13 Superstitions

I'd keep it as a marabout since the guy is meant to be an African immigrant, no doubt a jab at the current political climate in Europe. Alright, I've gone through it. Just a couple more things to discuss. Two Imagerie Pellerin d'Epinal illustrated fable books. Notes: Bilingual edition, English words in bold black ink, French words in blue ink, dustjacket's rear flap advertises Babar's Castle.

Lovely elephant pictorial endpapers. L'Edition D'Art H. Paris First French Edition. One of numbered copies in oversize paperback wrappers, protected by the original clear tissue overlay. Binding is tight. No writing inside, no ripped or torn pages. Softcover, gorgeous pictures! Imagerie Pellerin Epinal. Each book has a record included. Printed in France. Mid 20th Century.

Binding : Hardback with NO dustjacket. Edition : Printing "A". Book Condition : Fair, very edgeworn, pages yellowing, minor tears throughout, back hinge split for about half of length, parts of page corners missing. Text in French. Text by Adrian Linden. Macmillan, First Edition.

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Stated first printing. Original pictorial tan cloth stamped in black and red. Horn Book review copy with Horn Book stamp to front endpaper and original publisher's review slip laid in. Bound in tan cloth backed pictorial boards. Complete with original matching pictorial dust jacket. Book contents clean and sharp. In French. First Edition NAP, on title page.

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Mélusine - tome 13 - Superstitions (French Edition) - Kindle edition by Gilson, Clarke. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Book Description Editions Dupuis, Album. Condition: Brand New. French language. xx inches. In Stock. Seller Inventory # zk

The book is 29 pages long 28 are numbered. Between and WWI, Imagerie sold more than 10 million pictures per year worldwide and in many languages. These were printed on Arches paper. Toutes Sortes de Betes a Colorier. These were printed on Arches paper, from the town of Arches which was a near town to Epinal. All Auction Buy it now. Sort: Best Match.

Best Match. Gallery view. Please look at the photos - this is a rare Golden Book of this age but it is not in good condition, hence my low starting price. Dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd Class. Les Quatre Filles du Docteur Moreau. Hardback 1. Publisher: Hachette; First Edition Hardcover: pages. Authors: French, Fiona. The Magic Vase. Binding: Hardcover. We hope you enjoy your book and that it arrives quickly and is as expected. The picture may not reflect the books condition or specific edition. Thistle Princess by Vivian French. Hardback with dust jacket published by Walker Brothers Limited - first edition.

Authors: French, Vivian.

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Condition: Used; Good. If you would like further information on the condition or photos of the comic again just ask. Unread hardbacks. Publish Date: Authors: Decaux A. The French riviera. Authors: Moore, Will Grayburn. Authors: Oconnor, Garry. Binding: Paperback.